My Baby sample have be given to the parents by creative methods according to protection of baby’s skins by this diaper. We experienced 3 separate projects with the My Baby brand for two consecutive years. We also aimed to deliver 3 main messages to the targets;

1- The More protection:

We designed a castle as symbol of protection and care. We placed them in capital cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and north of Iran. Furthermore, we designed a real castle located in the north of Iran to engage more consumer over experiential manner.

2- More stretch:

This product has 30 percent more stretch in diaper strap in comparison to other brands. So, we wanted to show its dominance to the consumers. To achieve this goal, we designed a booths which had many artworks and equipment that delivers this message to the customers

3- Lotion:

The diaper contained the lotion with the smell of chamomile flower that guarantees the protects of children’s skin. Brand awareness increased with scientific features of products which is so productive and effective for sensitive end-user babies. In the process of promotion with variety approach lead strong brand image in among current costumer and potential buyers. More than %80 of brand awareness and also %80 increase in sales in retail stores and point of sales.