Create awareness about the Triangular White Cheese with activation in touch points focus on target group.
The main activity is influencing moms, working moms and women to engage them
by providing the Rouzaneh portion as a gift.

Product Experience in:
KAs & Super Markets & Parks


A fresh surprise at the office uses branded car for sampling the portion in the targeted locations.
Some 2400 Triangular boxes gave away of Rouzaneh breakfast package.
Main objective is influencing consumers and engaging them in their workplaces (specially working moms) by giving the Rouzane customized breakfast package gift.

Park Activation

Targeting moms influenced with the subject, initiate conversation with their kids for a promenade in the parks in the afternoon.
Sampling through designed tricycle and bicycles in parks engage kids by Rouzaneh mascot.
Some 4000 portion samples distribute among visitors

KAs, Supermarkets

Sampling triangular portion in deferent way with mini bread and cucumber (Rouzaneh Loghmeh).
Created Experience in KAs: 35000 Loghme Samples.
Created Experience in Markets: 10000 Loghme Samples.